Thursday, July 16, 2009

"M" is for Moscato grapes

I rarely drink sweet wines. However, I just discovered a sparkling one on the LCBO’s new general list that I plan on consuming quite regularly on hot days this summer, and I plan to serve it to my guests after barbecue entertaining.

Petalo Il Vino Dell’Amore Moscato Bottega (CSPC # 588780, $14.20, LCBO, Ontario), (SKU #580993, $17.99, B.C. Liquor Stores, B.C.) is a bubbly produced from Moscato grapes grown on the hills of Veneto, Italy. The area is renowned for rose growing, and so it is said that during flowering the bees transfer the delicate perfume from the roses to the wine, hence the name, ‘wine of love.’

Light-bodied and refreshing, Petalo possesses delicious, juicy tangerine and peach aromas and flavours. It’s like experiencing a liquid fruit salad in a flute glass. After all, it has a sugar code of 9! Best of all, this bubbles seems to sparkle forever, a nifty value –added element found in few inexpensive sparklers.

This wine attains its fresh and fruity character, not only from the Moscato grape, but through the winemaking practices. The juice undergoes a soft pressing and short fermentation, believed to release the fresh, fragrant character from the grapes. A secondary fermentation at low pressure allows the wine to retain its natural sweetness, while only reaching a minimal alcohol level of 6.5%. This fresh fruity character and low alcohol makes Petalo ideal for daytime sipping. Wines with higher alcohol often make us feel too sluggish in the sun.

Petalo is so delicious I would serve it throughout an entire evening. Hand a glass to your friends upon their arrival at your home. The appetizers served can harmonize with the wine, as well, such as warmed brie stuffed with fresh peaches, spicy coconut shrimp and melon wrapped in prosciutto. Pour your guests another glass for dinner to serve alongside a hot and spicy Thai or East Indian curry over rice or, instead, barbecued tuna or chicken topped with a peach and strawberry salsa. For those of you who don’t like to cook, order in Hawaiian pizza with pineapples. The meal could end with a glass of Petula accompanied by a bowl of tangerine wedges with a hefty dollop of frozen yogurt, poached peaches in sabayon, grilled apples with vanilla ice-cream or a hot slice of rhubarb-apple pie with a spoonful of clotted cream.

This wine of love is also the best gift to express your love for that romantic brunch, your next wedding celebration, a new baby arrival or for baptisms and birthdays.

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